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7 a-side soccer
MVP Nominations Spring 2019
Wednesday Division 1
Shane Yoannou Murder On Zidanes Floor
Dave Murphy FC Horseshoe
Brice Gersteinberg Could Have Beens
Liam Cashman Mount Oval Bar
Wednesday Division 2
David James The Galacticos
Niall O Keefe Deloitte
Colm Daly Jack In The Box
Kevin Kerstein Its Not Ezy
Peter Griffin Collectives
Wednesday Division 3
Ian Tobin ACourse Celtic
Niall Clohessey Cork Rebels
Kieran Winning Oxford International
David Hooley LiamsLovelyLads
Thursday Division 1
Luke Magee Bull In The Mudd
Matt Clough Angry Apples
Brice Gersteinberg Ezy FC
Joe Loftus Pique Blinders
Killian Murphy Hatrick Swayze
Thursday Division 2
Joe Desmond The flying Column
Michael Cosgrave The flying Column
Risteard O Lionard Cork Hospitals
Harry Wilson AC Standard
Mick Bogan The Casuals