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7 a-side soccer

Registering For The Casual Game

  1. Click on the CASUAL GAME Tab.
  2. Choose what game you want to play in.
  3. Fill out all three fields on the Form and click the Send The Info button.You will then be presented with your invoice.If the game is full you can go on the subs list and you will be texted if a place become available.
  4. If it is your first time playing you must pay the 8 euro fee online.
  5. The 7 euro can be paid in cash on the night or online on all subsequent nights
  6. The registration opens on Friday morning every week.
  7. Places are assigned on a first comes first served basis.

Entering a Team

  1. Click on ENTER A TEAM Tab
  2. Fill out all of the Fields on the Form and click the Send The Info button.You will then be presented with your invoice.
  3. Pay the total or a 350 euro deposit by bank transfer, online by credit card, by cheque or in cash.
  4. The deposit at least must be paid before May 15th 2024.
  5. The total cost for the season, including Referee fees and VAT is 895 euro.
  6. Places are assigned on a first comes first served basis.


  1. Manager must logon the cork soccer leagues web site.
  2. Click on League Details.
  3. Note Email and Mobile of Opponent.
  4. Email Opponent and of cancellation.
  5. Phone Opponent to confirm.
  6. A Cancellation will result in a 0-5 loss and a 5-0 win for the Opponent.
  7. If a team fails to show up without contacting or giving adequate notice to the opposition or the league organisers they may be expelled from the league.


  1. Please check your match time every week. Even though all of the fixtures are published at the start of the season, fixtures may change from time to time. However we wont change a match time during the week that that match is to be played without informing the teams involved.

  2. All soccer teams must be on the pitch and ready to play at the time the fixture has been scheduled for. All soccer teams must bring along a pumped up ball. If either of these criteria are not met the offending team can be deducted one goal at the discretion of the referee. If a team is not ready to play after 10 minutes, then that team can be deducted two goals and if a team is not ready to play after 15 minutes then a walkover can be claimed by the other team.

  3. Each soccer team is allowed seven(7) players on the pitch at any time. Substitutions can be made on a roll on - roll off manner where the players can come on and off as many times as they like. Substitutions must be made while the ball is out of play and may not be used to waste time. If any team is found to be abusing the substitution system intentionally (i.e. having more than seven players on the pitch), in the referees opinion, then the offending team can be reduced by one player for the remainder of the match.

  4. Football teams cannot play players who have already played for another team in the same league. If this happens they will forfeit the match.

  5. The primary purpose of the cork soccer leagues is for everybody to enjoy them selves as much as possible. Even though these are competitive leagues, we would also like to keep them as sporting as possible. For this reason we have introduced a cap on the number of goals one team can defeat another by. Once one team goes ten goals ahead, the remaining goals scored by both teams will no longer be counted.

  6. Sliding tackles are not allowed.

  7. All players on each team must wear the same colour jerseys, failure to do this will result in the opposition being awarded a goal at the start of the match. Each soccer team is also required to have a set of bibs in case of colour clashes.

  8. In the event of a tie at the end of a league, positions will be decided on the following criteria:

    1. Points in the games involving the soccer teams in the tie.
    2. Goal difference in the games involving the soccer teams in the tie.
    3. Goals scored in the games involving the soccer teams in the tie.
    4. Overall goal difference.
    5. Overall goals scored.
  9. A yellow card offence means five minutes in the sin bin. This means that the player in question must leave the pitch without being substituted and that his team will be reduced by one player for five minutes. Two yellow cards constitute a red card. The player in question will then have to leave the pitch for the remainder of the match. A straight red card means the player must leave the pitch and not return. If a player receives a red card they will receive a suspension, the length of which will be appropriate to the severity of the offence. This shall be determined by the league committee. Violant behaviour and Racial or Homophobic abuse shall result in that player not being allowed to play in any futher games or competitions.

  10. If a match is abandoned because the referee feels threatened or decides that it is unsafe to continue because of the actions of one of the teams then that team shall forfeit the match and their opponents awarded a 5-0 win.

  11. If a match is abandoned due to adverse weather, facilities failure or any reason not caused by the participating teams, then if there is more than 10 minutes remaining or there is three or less goals separating the teams, the entire match will be replayed but the goals scored in the abandoned match shall count. Otherwise the score at the time the match was abandoned shall count.

  12. If a team drops out of a league or is removed then its scores will stand for any round it has completed, but for any uncompleted round its opponents will be awarded a Walk Over(a 5-0 win).

  13. FIFA rules shall be applied as much as is possible in all matters not addressed above.

  14. Footy Sports Leagues Ltd. does not take any responsibility for injuries incurred to players while playing in its competitions.

Privacy Policy

Footy Sports Leagues Ltd is committed to protecting your privacy and security. Any personal information provided to and gathered by is controlled by will not put any information about you on general release and will not sell this information. is aware that we have legal obligations in terms of the collection and use of the personal data made available to us.

Terms And Conditions of The Cork Soccer Leagues

Footy Sports Leagues Ltd accepts no responsibility for injury or death to participants or spectators at its competitions,  howsoever caused.

Footy Sports Leagues Ltd reserves the right to exclude any player or team from  its competitions, without having to give a reason.

By entering a Footy Sports Leagues competition, individuals and teams agree to read the rules on the Footy Sports Leagues Ltd website and to abide by them.

Individuals and teams accept that by agreeing to take part in a Footy Sports League competition they enter into a contractual agreement to pay the subscription for the competition and a separate subscription to the Referees for their services.

Teams contacts are singly and jointly responsible for the behaviour of their team and for payment of the full subscriptions for the Footy Sports Leagues competition and for the refereeing services.